April 4, 2018

Which Car is Best to buy in 2018 under 5 lakhs !

We’re back. Once again you have the benefit of an elaborate exercise to help you zero in on the car that suits your preference and, most importantly, your budget. The same criteria as last time have been used to rate the top buys in every single category. Satisfy yourself on the very same assortment of parameters to make up your mind on which car to buy. We’ve tested, measured and rated almost every car sold on the market and the best have made the listing. An elaborate scorecard has been attracted for each and every model available in each category. The process was straightforward, we have divided the test into six price categories parts and the best five buys in each section have been ranked. Unlike last time, we’ve dropped variants of the identical automobile if they finished among the top five to give you a better selection of choice.


BEST BUY Upto Rs 3 lakh

Marutu Eeco
Marutu Eeco

Hyundai’s old workhorse, the Santro, in its foundation trim and the Eeco, again the foundation variant, emerge as the very best purchases beneath Rs 3 lakh. Obviously, both cars might be short on features in comparison with the likes of the Nano LX, however these more than compensate for it in other regions, such as build dynamics and quality (from the Santro’s instance) and space and a larger car feel (in the Eeco’s instance). The Indica Xeta, which, finishes third, does so more or less for exactly the same attributes. In fact, its handling and ride to get a vehicle under Rs 3 lakh is very outstanding.


BEST BUY Rs 3-4 lakh

Ford figo
Ford figo

Among the most significant classes among small cars, the Rs 3-4 lakh class, accounts for the most first buys. The best buy in this budget is your Ford Figo, and for good reason. It’s phenomenally spacious for a small car, has good dynamics and ride quality and, in the base 1.2 Lxi trimming, is priced very nicely. Figo’s 1.2 Exi and Zxi are alike excellent purchases. Next up is the i10 with the 1.1-litre engine and it is the foundation D-lite variant that provides most bang for the money. The gas Swift comes in third with the Lxi model making most sense at this price.




BEST BUY Rs 4-6 lakh


Diesel vehicles emerge on top in this segment with two of the top three being diesel versions of the Fabia along with the Polo. These offer excellent build quality, excellent ride and handling balance and feel more upmarket for their price. The fuel market and high notch ride and handling helps. The fact that both deliver great fuel economy, without compromising on driveability, assists their cause even more. Between the two, the Fabia’s larger boot and more inside room help it move ahead. In 2nd place is the gas version of this Fabia, but again at the bottom Classic trim. Coming in fourth position is your petrol i20.



BEST BUY Rs 6-8 lakh

Hyundai i10
Hyundai i10

In case you’ve between Rs 6 to 8 lakh as your budget, you’d find the most value for your money with the Hyundai i20 in the top-of-the-line Asta version with all the options pack, albeit the engine. Apart from offering interior room that competitions sedans, the i20 can also be comfy. It has a good ride and is the only automobile here to sport six airbags. Next in line are the Ford Fiesta and the Skoda Fabia. Like in the preceding category, diesel automobiles reign supreme here. However if you’re insistent on a petrol engine, the best choice is the Honda Jazz.




Corolla Atlis
Corolla Atlis

The Corolla Altis petrol, base J variation, might have a small engine but thanks to its fuel economy, driveability and distance, it dislodges the Ford Fiesta to be the best purchase from the Rs 8-12 lakh bracket. In terms of the Fiesta, it’s the diesel version that’s one of the best three. The Corolla also comes in at third position with the 1.8-litre petrol engine. It leads other diesel powered cars, such as the Vento and the Optra. It is the best buy among petrols, which include the Vento, the City and the SX4. It is also more expensive, but then you receive a superior product.




skoda laura
Skoda Laura

The Skoda Laura was voted the best you can buy in its segment over and again. And it is a repeat using it emerging as the best purchase from the Rs 12-18 lakh mount once more. Interestingly, this price segment is chiefly comprised of the Laura and its own customary rivals like the Altis, Civic, Cruze as well as the Sonata. What is also of interest is the fact that it is the best selling Laura L&K which emerges as the best buy.

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