July 25, 2018

12 World Records Which You would Obviously Not Even Try To Break

Everyone among us wants to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of the world records are amazing and some are absolutely bizarre. Breaking the amazing ones might turn out to be really hard for you. But when it comes to the bizarre ones, some of them are so bad that you would leave them as it is without even trying to break those records. Here are 12 most bizarre world records of all time which you would never want to even try to break.

1. Milk Squirting With Eyes

Ilker Yelmaz holds this record of squirting milk using his eyes to the farthest distance. Before taking out milk from his ice, he sucked it in from his nose and try to store it for as much time as possible.

2. Swallowing The Sword

Natasha Veruschka is a legend. She swallowed the longest sword which measured 53cm. No common man or woman would even think of trying to break this record. Not only because it is dangerous but also because deep down, even they know that they can never break the record.

3. Having The Largest Kidney Stone


Vilas Ghuge was diagnosed with kidney stone which was then operated by a bunch of doctors. After the operation was successful, the doctors witnessed that the kidney stone was huge. It measured 13 cm in width and immediately it became a world record.

4. Largest Object Being Removed From The Skull Of A Human

Michael Hill a person who was stabbed in his head with a very long survival knife which was 20 cm long. The knife was very big but surprisingly, he managed to survive and live his life henceforth. But even after surviving the attack, memory loss and brain seizures were what he was left with.

5. Rotation On A Power Drill

Have you ever tried rotating, after hanging from a power drill? Well, Huy Giang did and rotated for a complete 148 times in order to make it a world record. I really wonder how the situation of the boy would have been after those many number of rotations.

6. Broken Bones

Having the most number of broken bones in a lifetime is not something that should be bragged about. I don’t even think that this famous American bike stunt performer would want to flaunt that and brag about it but he cannot hide the truth. And the truth is the fact that Evel Knievel had a total of 433 bone fractures which is absolutely insane.433 is a huge number and that’s inhumane. He definitely deserved to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

7. Sniffed The Most Number Of Armpits And Feet

If you already thought that things could not get any weirder, we present to you this. Madeline Albrecht sniff a total of 5600 feet and and uncountable number of armpits which holds the world record. You would never want to try to break that because it’s too gross. Many still can’t believe that it is true.

8. Most Failed Student Of The Driving School

This South Korean women got her driving licence on trying for the 960th time. She became and national celebrity immediately after she was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. I think that even if you want to, you cannot really beat this record because 960 is a huge number and learning to drive is not a very difficult job as well.

9. Hardest Kick On The Groin Which Was Survived

There is an American MMA fighter called Justice Smith who kicked Roy Kirby on the groin like never before. That kick was the hardest which was survived by any person. It had a force of 500 N which is not a matter of joke. It is really shocking that this kick was survived. Clearly proves the resisting power of the man. A normal person cannot resist that much of force and that too, so casually.

10. Longest Hair On The Ears

Radhakant Bajpia is just another Indian grocer. But the speciality is that his name is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Why? Because he has the longest hair coming out from the ears, and it measures 25 cm. He is never going to trim his ear hair short because he believes that those are his good luck. If he tries to trim or cut them short, he would not be lucky anymore. His beliefs are completely out of the world and so is this record in the ultimate book. Seriously, Guinness Book of World Records have some really weird feats.

11. Most Number Of Rattlesnakes Held In Mouth

This is probably the most dangerous thing in the Guinness Book of World Records. This person held 13 rattlesnakes inside his mouth in front of an audience who were seeing the show and witnessed it live. Even the the previous record of holding the most number of rattlesnakes inside the mouth belonged to him. This clearly proves that has been doing this for years. Recently however, he was bitten by a snake which cost him his leg. It is really dangerous and you should never ever think about trying it, in your life. Accidents may happen anytime and you never know, you might be next.

12. Fastest Running Toilet In The World

Colin Furze holds the record for the fastest toilet in the world. Yes, it’s true. He is an Englishman who invented a toilet and kept it on a platform of wheels. This is one of the most bizarre inventions but at the same time, it can be flushed on the move which is a very good thing. It runs on a 140 CC motorbike engine which speeds up to 55 mph easily. The previous record of the fastest toilet was 42.25 mph. It is even awkward that people actually tried it earlier.

Staying safe is really necessary and these stunts shown on TV or on the internet, are mostly performed under expert supervision. If anything goes wrong, the experts are there to help but if you try to do the same in your home or somewhere else, there would be no one to save you.

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