July 27, 2018

Dark And Beautiful Model Who Looks Exactly Like Barbie Doll

In the world of the 21st century if you think the black colour of a person’s skin to be ugly then it’s time you get your thoughts updated or get a life. Nyadak Duckie Thot is an Australian-Sudanese model who is the most beautiful model the world has ever witnessed in a dark complexion. Until 2017, she was doing quite well in the business of modelling when something happened in her life. She was displayed in a network named “Duckie After Dark”, where she looked absolutely beautiful looking just like a barbie doll which took attention of many people around the world. In fact she looked so perfect and clear in those pictures that some of the people worldwide mistook her to be a barbie doll. They were taken aback and went speechless as soon as they came to know that she was actually a girl and not a barbie doll. Her beauty was divine.

The amazing photo was the result of a special photoshoot conducted by the photographers which was known as the “Barbie Style”. The creators changed the life of this model by implementing the looks of a Barbie doll on her so well that she was next to perfect in appearance.

Just like the toy Barbies have the perfect face, amazing skin, enlarged eyes and the awesome figure, she also had all those perfect qualities. It not only seemed that she was extremely beautiful with her perfect face, amazing skin , enlarged eyes and the awesome figure , one cannot deny the fact that she always deserved the limelight.

According to the scientists and doctors the complexion of Duckie kept on varying depending on the intensity of light from time to time. They told that this happened because of the redistribution of Melanin hormone in her body which resulted in the variation of her skin colour from Swarthy to brownish colours just like the colour of an ebony tree.

Many people still, mistakes her to be a barbie doll as Hundreds of photos of this real life Barbie doll are available on the Internet and people believe that she appears different from different angle with the same dress or attire on which is quite amazing.

Also during the last year she was bullied for the colour and style of her hair. She replied back to the media that being a black woman she was never taught to take care of her natural hair since childhood, instead she was taught by her family and parents to hide it. She also rammed the media and the hair designers for this issue and told that the whole modelling and movie industry is to be blamed wholly.

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