August 3, 2018

Top 12 Dressing Rules Capable of changing Your Personality Instantly

When you want a make over for yourself and visit an image consultant for a better opinion , the first and foremost thing that he will change is your dressing style even it appears to be perfect to you. As a quote of Coco Chanel goes by “Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. So, in order to dress rightly you need to follow some of the trick and twists which you may or may not know now. So, here are the best 12 dressing rules that can really make a difference in your personality instantly.

1. Never even think about keeping the middle button of your jacket open.

Keeping the middle button of your jacket or coat open is a big ‘no-no’. This is a dressing rule that is needed to be followed strictly if you want to get attention out of a fair number of people and want to stand-up in the crowd. As you should not keep the middle button of your jacket or coat open you also keep in mind that the last button must always be kept open. The third or the topmost button can be opened or closed according to your mood.

2. Ladies you are allowed to unbutton not more than two buttons.


Women or girls nowadays wear corporate or formal wears very often to look smart and happening. But, very often it’s found that in order to seek attention they keep more than two buttons open in the public. Whether it’s a shirt or blouse or any kind of wear , it’s sober to unbutton only two buttons from the top and not more than that. In case, you open more than two it affected your personality in a bad way and you might have a bad first impression. So, in case you want to look smart and feel comfortable unbutton only two buttons from the top for an appropriate fashion.


3. 3 or 4 accessories in one look are too much.

A woman’s attire is incomplete without ornaments. But, at the same time wearing matching bracelet, necklace and earings together looks a bit too much for the fashion to look great. In case you wear earings and bracelets skip the necklace or if you are wearing the necklace it is advisable to skip the earing and bracelet. Wearing all of them together looks over rated and bit too much for the choice.

4. Your tie should be tied proportionately to make your personality look good.

Almost every man looks good in formal dresses. But, at the same time dressing up in a proper manner needs a lot of practice. While you are getting dressed in a formal wear you must keep the length of your tie in correct proportion. It means that the tip of the tie should touch slightly just below the waist , not more than that at the same time no less than that.

5. Go with either mini skirt or cleavage, not both.

Every lady or girl loves to get attention by looking sexy and attractive. Females from all over the world are fond of western dresses and adopting them real quick. But, most of them do not know the correct way of wearing them. A little cleavage looks quite classy and a mini skirt looks sexy, but when you wear a mini skirt by showing your cleavages it becomes too vulgar. So, don’t try both of them together and your personality will grow real strong in front of the society.

6. Forget the tie.

Since, dressing sense take quite a good amount of time , so there are some eminent dressing rules that need to be followed. Wearing a tie with a shirt is okay but only when you are seeing a jacket or coat along with it. In case you are wearing a tie along with a shirt but without a jacket, it destroys your personality and somewhat it looks funny and unprofessional.

7. Cleavage show in office is not necessary.

Cleavages are not necessary in every places, specially not in the offuces. It portrays that you want to seek attention as a result of which it makes a bad impact on your personality. It’s advisable that you must not keep your cleavage in your office dresses deeper than 4 inches from the collar bone.

8. If you are tucking in a shirt, you compulsorily have to complement it with a belt.

While you are wearing a formal , you must complement your tucked-in shirt along with a belt, to complete the gentleman look. If you don’t put a belt on it will not complete your dress.

9. Your belt and shoe colours should match each other.

This rule is more like a Bible rule of fashion. If you want to look smart and confident you must wear a belt and shoes matching colour with each other. Unmatched belt and shoes misbalances the look of a person wearing formals.

10. No tags should be left hanging from the dress.

In today’s world, you must not be letting others know the cost of your dress, would you? So, once you are going to wear a new dress make sure to remove all the tags before wearing it. You mustn’t be wanting someone to judge you by seeing the price of dress. So, make sure to remove all those tags before you wear a new dress and step out of the house.

11. Whenever your sitting, make sure that your naked skin is not visible at all.

From next time try buying a long sock or wear a sock with an elastic which is tight enough to hold back. Also, keep in mind that ankle length socks would not help at all. This would help you to cover your naked skin while sitting and give you a more promising look.

12. Spaghetti straps do not fall into formal rules.

Spaghetti strap falling out into formal places looks highly inappropriate and unprofessional. This is because it is advisable not to wear sleeve less tops in offices. In case, you wear them you must make it sure that it is covering your shoulder.

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